Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Energy management?

Gah! I'm never going to get this Incurses fitted the way I want! I was getting pretty shot up in it yesterday--I had to take out a whole gang of frigates, plus a couple of transports. When I first engaged them, I charged right in and managed to take out a couple, but it cost me dearly; by the time I finally was able to warp out, my hull had been breached severely and I was venting gas and scattering debris all over. As I went back and tried again and again, however, things got incrementally easier. For one thing, there were less guns shooting back at me the more ships I popped; for another thing, my tactics kept getting better. Once I learned to dart it, draw aggro, then dart back away from the convoy to deal with the one or two frigates on my tail, I didn't have to warp away anymore.

Anyway, what I really need is 200mm of Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates on my Jousting Junebug. And my poor power core just can't handle that. If I want that armor, I need to fit a Micro Auxillary Power Core. I had no trouble running one down, but back in the hangar I found I had nowhere near the skill needed to fit the MAPC. So all day I've been studying, and while I've reached new levels of energy management, I fear it'll still be a few days before I'm confident enough to give it another try. When I set out to live a pirate's life, I had little idea how much book-learning was involved!

The Dread Incursus Jousting Junebug

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