Thursday, September 27, 2007

First blood! (Mine...)

I went out on another hunt. This time, I headed for 0.0 space, where giant corporations rule and nary a sentry gun is to be found unless it's by some corporation's moon mineral processing plant. Once again, I took the time to set up 2-3 safe spots in some key systems, stored up for the day when I'm running for my life from an angry wolfpack or battleship.

Unfortunately, I found no targets of my own. Asteroid belts were empty, though there were pilots passing through the systems and others ratting in battleships or battlecruisers. After a couple of hours, I headed for home; just before I left 0.0, however, I came across the wreck of a battleship along with a half-dozen wrecked NPC was only 15km from the gate, so I decided to check out its cargo. "I can always turn on my micro warp drive and scoot back over to the gate if someone shows up," I reasoned. I figured there was a flaw in my reasoning as soon as I saw the battleship's cargo: a civilian mining laser. This wreck had "bait" written all over it, and I was starting to feel fishy.

Just as I hit my MWD and headed for the gate, a Hyperion appeared on my sensors. Gulp. A Gallente battleship. I started spamming the "jump" command, but soon was locked and under fire. I went into close orbit around the battleship and returned fire; after one or two shots on my approach, the battleship found it hard to hit me, and I began chewing into his shields. I launched my Hobgoblin drone to eke out a little more DPS, but didn't seriously think I was going to make it out of this alive. That's when the Cheetah appeared on my sensors--either he just warped in or he was there along and merely had to drop his cloaks. Cheetahs are Minmatar covert ops ships.

After that, it wasn't long before the pounding I was receiving caused me to lose control of my ship's systems and I found myself in my pod, ejected automatically from the exploding carnage that had been the Jousting Junebug. As the brave pilots from GoonFleet locked my pod and opened fire, I finally managed my escape, just a little bit wiser than I'd been a few minutes before. I attempted to open communications with them to thank them for my first PvP lesson, but both pilots--Rita Repulsa and Kara Repulsa--refused to accept my hails. All that was left for me was to limp back to my home system, my pod damage into hull. Justice prevailed today.

It might take me a day or two to lick my wounds; although I have a couple of replacement frigates standing by, I'm having trouble getting the armor plates and warp prohibitor I'm looking for to fully fit out the Jousting Junebug 2. In the meantime, I'm trying to put together a Catalyst-class destroyer rigged for salvage work.

Wins - 0, Losses - 1.

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