Sunday, September 16, 2007

Initial Training Focus

My military experience has taught to not to underestimate any of the EVE powers--the smug Amarr with their heavy armor and searing lasers, their enemies the Minmatar with their swift and functional ships, or the proud Gallente, masters of the stinging drone. So, although my own background is in state-of-the-art Caldari technology and missiles, I've considered the question of how to direct my studies from this point. I have access to just about any hardware or technology available in the EVE systems, and have recently been introduced to a couple of open-minded agents working at the State War Academy who promise to be helpful in my career development.

After giving the matter some thought, I've decided to focus my studies on mastering Gallente starship systems. Their ships are sturdy, reliable, and effective in the situations I can imagine myself getting into. I can build on the gunnery skills I already have, but will need to apply myself to integrate drones into my combat style. I'm hoping to be checked out soon in Incursus-class frigates, a versatile fighter that packs a heavy punch while relying on its speed to evade return fire. I anticipate it will be a week or two before I truly master the Incursus specs, as I have much to learn, particularly in the fields of engineering and electronics. Beyond that, I will need to gain the kind of field experience that only comes when lives are at stake.

I messed around a bit today in an old Ibis I was issued by the State War Academy, and I guess I didn't do too bad for the agents supervising me, as by the end of the day a Caldari frigate--a Condor--was issued to me as well, along with some upgrade fittings. Most useful in the long run, however, were several technical manuals I was able to get my hands on.

Security Status 0.0; PvP record 0-0

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