Thursday, September 27, 2007

Still hungry

Yay! Having figured out how to fit that micro warp drive (MWD), I stepped back and admired my yet-untested Incursus. She's a beaut, able to reach speeds of up to 2 km/sec while dishing out 64 points of damage per second. I may still have a long way to go before reaching uber pwnzer status, but I feel like I have a frigate that will give me a fighting chance against the average pilot. I had to take her out for a spin.

I started by heading to a nearby low-security system, where I charted some safe spots to evade ships I'll need to wait for another day to fight. I kept my eye on the local transponder readout, and saw nothing but trouble--several cruisers in the system helmed by wanted pilots. I checked out a few asteroid belts, but all I got for my trouble was a few new holes from belt rats. One of those cruisers also seemed to be keeping an eye on me; several times I saw the flashing red icon on my heads-up display (HUD) of a CONCORD-approved target. I charted a course for the next lowsec system, and again programmed some safe spots into my computer while looking for likely targets. I experimented with my ship's directional scanner as I cruised the asteroid belts, but kept bumping into wolves rather than sheep.

For my next stop, I went several systems into highsec space and tried to annoy some miners. If they would just take a shot at me, I could "defend" myself with CONCORD's blessing; but alas, the miners kept their cool and blithely ignored me. Finally, I set my course for home, none the richer except for three sets of safe spots. At least I docked safely!

Perhaps I'll try the frontier systems of 0.0 space next, where there are no CONCORD and no sentry guns...

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