Sunday, September 30, 2007

I made friends

Today I made contact with an underworld pirate organization, the Sanguine Raiders. After talking for a while with one of their leaders, I was invited to join their nefarious gang, and I was happy to accept. Shortly thereafter three of us went hunting.

Sadly, we found no prey. Once or twice we came across some lone miner, but they always ran away when they saw us coming. Once we came across a member of a rival gang of buccaneers, but he two fled when he couldn't immediately get one of us alone. Several times we ourselves made hasty retreats when we stumbled across well-armed gangs of pirates, grizzlier than us and with plenty of experienced Yarr. We were surprised at one point by a battleship, and though I managed to escape one of my new colleagues was forced to abandon the wreckage of his ship.

During the course of the evening's escapades, I learned a lot from the more experienced gang member leading our crew--scanning techniques and tactics. I look forward to more runs through lowsec space, and am confident that it won't be long before my ion blasters catch their first taste of victory.

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