Monday, September 17, 2007

Where in the world???

I thought my agent was pretty cool. Grateful for my help in hunting down and killing a group of Gurista pirates and their leader, he kept showering me with implants, skill books, and even presented me with a shiny new Kestrel. Then, abruptly, he thanked me for my help and advised me to find some other agent for future work. Wow.

So, I was faced with a decision: Where in the world to base myself while I acquired the skills needed to competently pilot my Incursus? I heard of a decent agent in Jita, but remember hearing stories of the crowded hustle and bustle of the Jita system, with long approach paths and docking queues slowing down any kind of business at all. Eventually I decided to head over to a region where I my patron does business at a jump-off point for 0.0 space; it's safe enough for me while I'm learning my ropes, has low-sec systems in abundance nearby, and is a border region for some vast tracts of 0.0 space. Before heading over, I acquired some specialized gear for my frigate that I really don't know enough about yet to fit.

By the way, that Kestrel was a sore temptation. A Caldari frigate, I already have the basic skills to fit it and fly it, and it carries a big stick in the form of rocket or missile launchers. But for now it's up on blocks; I determined not to be swayed from my focus on Gallente technology. It probably won't be long before I come back to the Kestrel--I imagine I'll be an easy target for many of the old salts out there in lowsec--but for now, I can dream.

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