Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Adrenaline addiction

Wow, I never realized what an adrenaline rush PvP can be! I get all jumpy and twitchy during these early battles, and can't settle down for 10-15 minutes afterwards, and even then I'm left with a warm, tingly feeling for some time.

I noticed a pilot with just about a month's worth of experienced came into our system a short while ago...and didn't immediately dock or leave as most do. So, I set out in my Jousting Junebug to demonstrate why most pilots either leave immediately or dock. I found him in the 2nd asteroid belt I checked, in a Rupture. In my inexperience, I wasn't exactly sure what a Rupture was, but I figured if the pilot was not much more experienced than me, his ship couldn't be much deadlier than mine. I pre-armed my weapons, scrambler, and webber, set course to orbit my opponent, and burst on my micro warp drive to close range.

Good! My blasters were chewing through his shields, and he wasn't returning fire yet. Wait, my scrambler and webber indicators are still blinking. Do I have to turn them on manually? I turn them off, then click again to turn them on...dang, clicked the scrambler again, now I have to wait for it to cycle...the Rupture can still get away...there! Got him!

Either he was overconfident or unwatchful, because my adversary did not engage me until he finished killing the rat he had under his guns. Just as I started taking damage, I noticed my damage to him had slowed considerably. Ah; he was out of my optimal range--must be using a micro warp drive of his own. I checked my capacity, and gave another burst of juice to my engines; I closed range, and now was melting his armor with my short-range blasters. But wait! He's also torn through my shields, and melting my armor! I seem to be outdamaging him, though, so I sit tight. He has me down to 50% armor, but I have him down to 5%...I'm down to 40% but his hull is already only at 75%...pop, I got him.

Mindful of the rats still buzzing around, I grab his cargo in preparation for a quick exit. I see his pod on my display, but decide not to blast it (only later did I wonder if I should have ransomed him, but I'm perfectly willing at this point in my career to keep my security status slide slow while I'm learning the ropes). I set a course for the station, and made it home with about 40% armor. First thing I do is repair the ship (don't want to head out for something similar only to find I'm already half damaged), then sit back and tremble.

An hour later I realize I never did remember to deploy my drone...