Friday, November 9, 2007

Fortune favors the daring!

...and so, apparently, does misfortune.

Yes, my reckless disregard for convention has racked me up some nice kills, including cruisers and even a battlecruiser. Experience has taught me that the element of surprise is a powerful weapon. I have learned that many pilots in lowsec are inept and inexperienced, new pilots in particular but often pilots who should know better.

But that disregard for convention has also got me killed. Yesterday, it got me killed three times in less than 24 hours--with no victories on my part to balance things out.

First, I spied a Rifter in one of the system asteroid belts. Now, Rifters are known as probably the best T1 solo PvP frigate, and this one, I could deduce, was being piloted by a pro. Still, I could always hope that by jumping him unexpectedly I would get the edge I'd need, right? So I jumped him. And he killed me.

Second, shortly after I left the space station a Vexor appeared. I checked my databases, and the pilot appeared to be brand new--only 5 days old. Knowing I was flashing red on his overview due to my outlaw status, I thought I'd try to entrap him into firing on me--giving me the right to shoot back, right under the station sentry guns. It was a long wait. Finally, he targeted me. To encourage him, I went into my tight orbit around his ship. Then his drones appeared (dang, he actually did have drones and was going to use them...gulp). Then he attacked. I was soon dead. For a five-day-old noob, he seemed to know what he was doing. How does a five-day-old noob end up in a Vexor (Gallente Frigate IV, Spaceship Command III, Gallente Cruiser II) that deploys 5 drones (Drones V) and T2 neutron blasters (Small Hybrid Turret V, Motion Prediction III, and Small Blaster Specialization)? How does he afford the Vexor, the guns, the drones? I checked again, only to confirm he was indeed just 5 days old. The rascal garnered himself the honor of being the first so far to pop my capsule, too, as lag attacked my computer. I lost four basic implants!

Finally, I managed to get the jump on a Caracal on one of the belts, ratting. I did my thing, he did his--and I died, leaving him with just 12.5% left in his structure. He chewed right through my shields, already damaged by some belt rats, but slowed down working through my armor; I on the other hand struggled to break his shield tank, then melted his armor away at a brisker pace. I could have escaped, as he wasn't scramming me, but I wanted to see if I could take him. Although he was inexperienced (he claims this was his first PvP), he had plenty of highsec mission experience, he didn't panic, he was appropriately fit, and he was in a cruiser. Respect to him.

She was looking kinda dumb with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an "L" on her forehead. --Smash Mouth

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