Thursday, November 8, 2007

I LOVE my Incursus!

I love my Incursus; she's just such a sweet little baby. Consider my solo kills while flying the trusty Jousting Junebug:

Caldari Shuttle

Alright, no surprises here. These ships are basically defenseless. Still, they're quick, and not always easy to pin down.

Iteron Mark III
Hulk (would have preferred to ransom this one)

These industrial ships and mining barges are preferred targets for pirates. I wanted to ransom that Hulk, but didn't realize there was a password on my ransom channel. He may not wanted to have cooperate, anyway, judging by the obscene names he was calling me as he fell apart. These sorts of ships are for hauling or mining, not fighting; still, they can field a full complement of combat drones, can be fit to tank well, etc. Certainly I've lost more than one ship to a mining barge acting as bait for stealth bombers and recon ships.

Incursus (never been up against one fitted like mine, though, AFAIK)

Other T1 frigates have not posed much of a problem to me. I tried to jump a Punisher once that just sat there; after several minutes, I could see that he could dink me down to dead before I'd begin to make a dent in his tank, so I left. I'm glad he didn't have a scrambler fitted! I've tried to engage several Kestrels, Merlins, and Rifters, but until now they've managed to elude me.


Catalysts aren't tough ships, but these destroyers can bring to bear up to 8 fast-tracking frigate-eating guns. I've generally not hesitated to attack destroyers, counting on the element of surprise, but feel better if I can do it with a wingman.


Now we're talking cruisers. Nor are these the easiest prey among the cruiser class--on the contrary, they represent the most feared of the cruiser-class vessels. Rather, I was astonished to find pilots so new they could hardly be expected to use their ship effectively; they may have known how to steer a cruiser around, but I had little to worry from the T2 drones, tanks, and resists such vessels are known for. I didn't worry much about their guns, either, as I managed to get under the heavy guns such inexperienced pilots tend to fit.


I engaged one of these battlecruisers earlier in my career, against an inexperienced pilot, and was handily defeated by his combination of guns, drones, and tank. Even T1 small guns, drones, and tank make this a ship to be feared by any T1 frigate. However, a few weeks later another Brutix jumped in on me (see earlier story), and as the pilot was still quite inexperienced I risked it--and won!

My cruiser and battlecruiser kills illustrate why the conventional wisdom is that one should "grow into" a ship before risking it in PvP combat. I, an inexperienced pilot, was still able to fly my simple frigate great advantage; while they, just as inexperienced, were unable to scratch the potential of the ships they helmed. I hope my victims did not also ignore the adage, "Don't fly a ship you can't afford to lose!"

(To see all my killmails, click here or on the link in the sidebar.)

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