Saturday, November 3, 2007

Revenge is sweet!

Not everyone enjoys being victimized by pirates; sometimes people fight back. Over the past few days I'd lost two frigates to pilots who laid traps for the likes of me. I would see a poor defenseless mining barge alone in an asteroid belt, warp to his location, then begin my attack. Things would start to go badly for me as a ship I hadn't seen would uncloak, target me, and start chewing me up.

Today as I scanned the asteroid belts in my favorite hunting grounds, I saw both of the pilots who got me in this way present, along with a pilot who had been the "bait." I called on some corp mates for backup, and we came up with a plan to turn the trap around.

My allies waited in their interceptors on the other side of a jump gate while I, having proved my susceptibility to such traps a couple of times already, pinpointed the location of the bait ship--today a juicy Hulk, a T2 mining barge. As I warped to his asteroid belts, my mates jumped into the solar system. I "tackled" the Hulk (I slowed him down with my stasis webifier and scrambled his warp drive so he couldn't get away) and opened fire, and sure enough a Nemesis appeared nearby, attacking me in turn. My mates arrived and attacked the Nemesis as my structure gave way, and I made a run for it in my capsule. As I fled, I saw an Arazu appear in the asteroid belt, the third member of the three-man trap. Attending to my comms from a safe spot, I watched with satisfaction as the Nemesis, Hulk, and Arazu were neatly despatched.

Including the Incursus I lost in this action the Nemesis and Arazu pilots had killed 3 of my frigates; factoring in insurance, I figure that cost me around 3 million ISK. My share of the booty today from our turning the trap around? 15 million ISK. Sweet.

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