Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Stuck in Hevrice...

...what with all the targets milling about and cargo to loot.

First, I was happy to find an Imicus appear on my scanners at asteroid belt 4-1. He seemed to be mining, as two mining drones also showed on my screen. I'll take it! But as I warped in, the Imicus was 30km away and easily escaped before I could get him within range of my 7.5km warp scrambler. Dang. Back to the hunt, and off I warp...

...But wait, what about those drones? I direct my scanner back to the belt I just left, and sure enough the mining drones were left behind. So I turn around and head back. Doing a 360 as I approach the drones, I see another Incursus is now showing--and just then the Incursus warps into the belt I'm at! It's the Imicus pilot, back with a combat ship to defend his ore and reclaim his drones. We close with one another and go at it toe-to-toe, but it's soon clear my foe is inexperienced in PvP and my superior skills and fit win the field. After making sure he'll have to buy a new med clone, I loot his wreck, scoop up his drones, and bookmark his jetcan for good measure. Then it's off to a safespot.

Checking again, I see I am not globally flagged a criminal! The other guy must have acted against me before I acted against him. Cool! I head back to a planet to scan for more targets...unfortunately, all I see is a Brutix. Yikes. I head back to the station to unload my loot and make some repairs.

As I leave the station, I see my recent victim is back, this time in (I rub my eyes to be sure) an Iteron. No doubt he's just going to make a run for the station. I head to a planet to scan the belts.

Now things get interesting. Both the Iteron and the Brutix are at the site of my recent combat. Could the Iteron be back for the ore, with me still in the system? No doubt his friend in the Brutix is there for security. Still, I have bookmarked the jetcan, and they may have some distance to travel; I decide to warp in and check it out. As I cruise into the asteroid belt, the Brutix blips on my overview, then just as quickly blips off; he's left the Iteron alone--maybe even to go hunt me down!

I seize the day, and in moments the Iteron is dead (though this time the capsule escapes). No loot for me there--everything was destroyed in the explosion. Oh well. Then suddently--What's this?--the Brutix is back. I've established by now that this Brutix is a one-month-old pilot, but still. I'm only two months old myself, and I've been pwned by a new pilot in a Brutix before. Still, he's not doing anything, I don't see any drones, maybe I can test him out...MWD engaged, I plot a tight orbit around the Brutix and cross my fingers.

As I approach, I take some nasty salvos of railgun fire, but soon enough I'm under his guns, orbiting at under 1km, and not taking any more damage with 70% shields remaining. My three t2 Light Ion Blasters and humble t1 Hobgoblin drone begin to chip away at the Brutix's respectable tank. Apparently none of his drones are going to show up for this fight. By the time his shields are down it's obvious I have this guy; I invite him to my ransom channel. I demand 20M ISK and he readily agrees. (Just then two cruiser-class NPC's appear on the overview, so I know I have to keep things moving.)

About 15 seconds into the 30-second ransom window, my victim asks how to pay me. I direct him to the instructions in my ransom channel's MOTD, and tell him he has 15 seconds left. He asks me to stop shooting. Hey, this guy could have friends, and besides, I see one of the belt rats trying to target me. At the appropriate time, I tell him he's dead unless I see the money show in my account before then. He never does figure out how to pay me, and he dies. The belt rats are so pitiful in their DPS I go ahead and loot the Brutix wreck (shield tanking modules???), grab some ore from the jetcan, and head for my safe spot--with about 80% shields. Ha!

The Brutix pilot, after buying a new med clone, started chatting with me in my ransom channel. It turns out he was not with the Imicus/Incursus/Iteron pilot, but was hoping to jump him, then later came back hoping to jump me. He took things well, and was full of questions about piracy, ships, fittings, etc. I pointed him to some good sources of information and we went our way, friends. (Assuming friends will kill your battlecruiser, take your loot, then pop your capsule while they're at it.)

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