Friday, December 14, 2007

Are you feeling lucky?

There's a price on my head. A 20,005,000 ISK bounty to the first one that pops my capsule.

It's got me looking over my shoulder a lot. As I roam through space, I get target-locked by the oddest people. Friends comment on such a "nice" bounty, and I wonder what those who aren't so friendly are doing. And when my ships do go down, I don't sit around in my capsule to trade "gf"s.

From what I've gleaned from the radio waves, the common practice for the likes of me is to collude with a mate to take a quick trip to the clone vat and share the bounty. Sure, I could use 20M ISK. I've even discussed doing just this with a corp-mate.

But you know what? I've decided to let this one play out as intended. Somewhere out there in cold space are pilots I've defiled. They were productive members of society, generally, mining valuable ores from asteroids or battling criminal riffraff. Then I dropped in on them. Without saying a word, I held them down and pounded them to death. In most cases I then wordlessly pinned down their capsule and popped it like a grape. Did they like it? Doubtful. They could have screamed, they could have cried, they could have crawled whimpering back to their mommies, vowing never to return to space; yet in most cases, they kept their dignity.

Some few of them identified me as a public enemy, using their hard-earned cash to make their point. An honorable response, and one bound to bring them a measure of pleasure some day. Respect to them!


Anonymous said...

Hey, contacted you in game last night (Ichon). The more I read this blog, the more I want to become a pirate. I hope that bounty takes a long time to be collected. :-)

Joshua said...

Dude, your blog is awesome! Loved reading it, keep it up.

Ka Jolo said...

Good news for some of you--Minaras Laentic of Flash Gitz claimed the bounty on me (over 22 million ISK at the time) on December 31. I'd jumped in on Roberto Edwardo, a corpmate of his, like me piloting an Incursus, and two of my victim's friends quickly responded to his distress call. Darius Genome tackled me with his Punisher, and Minaras Lantic despatched me with his Hurricane.

I've invited the parties involved to post their story here--keep an eye out for it.

Ka Jolo said...

Looks like they're not going to post their story. Check out the killmail here: