Monday, December 3, 2007

Now what?

I've had a pretty good 24 hours or so, killing a Velator, 2 Navitas's, an Imicus, a Slasher, a Tristan, a Catalyst, and a Vexor...all by myself. I also lost a Vexor to a Brutix (just as I broke his tank), and an Incursus to a Curse (just as I had another Catalyst into taking hull damage). I got a good dose of adrenaline to feed my habit and some fun hunting. But something's missing.

My once-fearsome band of pirate mates has withered and shrunk to a handful of pirates emeritus and young bravos. The savvy buccaneers in their prime have disappeared from the scene. A few days ago those of us left got together and decided to leave the corp in the hands of the ancient spacefarers, and throw our lot in with some other corporation. For all that we know, there is so much more yet to be learned, and no one at the present to teach us.

I have every reason to expect that I will soon be admitted to the Black Rabbits Academy any day now. What I'm hungry for is the chance to observe veteran pirates in action, and to benefit from their long experience.


Markus said...

don't join that corp. seriously. they are pretty lousy pirates. be patient and keep looking for something better.

the gentle reader

Lupus said...

Great blog, good writing style!

If you care to exchange links I have also started a blog detailing my pirating exploits. Let me know, I'd be happy to link you: