Saturday, January 26, 2008

Grace (but not brains) under pressure

As I look back over my short career, I see a road paved with noobish mistakes. Forgetting to deploy my drone...targeting an asteroid instead of my opponent...waiting just one second too long to enter the command to warp out...thinking I can kill the bait before the trap is sprung...I'm far from the galaxy's most efficient pirate.

And then there was earlier today. A friend reports a lone Punisher in the system. I've bumped into that Punisher pilot before, and he's a nasty pirate who always seems to get the best of me. In spite of his winning track record, he always manages to come up with some new ploy to get me to engage. So today, I checked local carefully; none of his friends were there to interfere (that's how they got me last time). My ally remarks that a Punisher, with only two mid-slots, probably won't have a warp disruptor--I should be able to run away if things go bad.

That tipped it for me. I've fought Punishers in the past, and while none of them have ever killed me, there were some I just couldn't kill, either. Rather than waste all my T2 ammo on them, I ended up just letting them go. But now my gunnery skills are even higher, and I really, really want to get this guy. So after missing him at a couple of belts (I think we were both trying to jump each other and kept passing each other in deep space), I just sat at a belt and waited for him.

I didn't have to wait long. At first, things were going my way; I brushed aside his shields, and although his pulse lasers were nothing to sneeze at, they were taking longer on my defenses. I chewed deeply into his armor; he nibbled away at mine. And then things turned south. His armor started regenerating, then held steady; my armor continued its slow but steady decline. When I decided enough was enough, I engaged my warp engines.

Only to discover that I was scrammed.

I died.

As my pod warped to a nearby space station, I remarked to my scout that I had lost the engagement--the Punisher had had a warp disruptor after all. "Well, if he had a scrammer, he didn't have a MWD or web. Why didn't you just MWD out of scram range and get away?" my friend asked.

Good question.


Hexapuma said...

Ahh.. those Punishers are tough to crack. What ship were you in, an Incursus?

Franco said...

it was a good fight mate I happy to read about our encounter

Franco said...

aka D3ka o/

Ka Jolo said...

Yeah, I'll bet you were happy D3ka! =)

And yes, hexapuma, I was in my Incursus.