Monday, February 18, 2008

Blasteranis, strike two

My second blasteranis lasted less than five days. It gave me a good run, right up to the point where, as part of my test-my-limits program, I attacked a Blackbird/Vexor duo. (Lesson learned: Don't attack Blackbirds solo when piloting a blasteranis. Maybe I should have learned it last time I tried, but I got away that time and so the lesson didn't stick.)

Still, my second blasteranis in just a few days garnered me four frigates, three destroyers, four cruisers, a battlecruiser (that's right--a Myrmidon!), and a mining barge, all solo kills. My 13.5M ISK interceptor racked up a 13:1 kill ratio, and Battleclinic reports ships, modules, and cargo worth 175.8M ISK was looted or destroyed. Nothing to be embarrassed about there! (When I do suffer an embarrassing lost, I just may conveniently neglect to mention anything about it here. Or maybe I will write it up, just for the attention.)

A blasteranis relies on its DPS to survive and win battles. Unlike other interceptors, it takes a beating from drones, missiles get their licks in, it even endures guns pounding away. It doesn't tank this damage; a blasteranis relies on its own blasters, so is just as concerned about transversal velocity as its target, so not even speed-tanking is pursued. A blasteranis stands toe-to-toe with its target, trading blows, and hopes it gives a lot more than it gets. The only time one need get fancy piloting a blasteranis is against ships that don't want to stand toe-to-toe, and that have the means to avoid it. As part of my test-the-limits program, I have learned a blasteranis can kill a cruiser under these circumstances even before the combined firepower of the cruiser and five T1 medium drones or T2 light drones can prevail.

Blasteranis, I heart you!


Johannes said...

You would think that a Taranis' turrets would have far greater tracking than your typhical cruiser-sized opponent, though, seeing the 7.5% bonus to aforementioned feature per level. Do you really find that approaching and sitting in the face of your opponent is more effective than orbiting at 500m?

Doing so would of course warrant using another kind of ammunition, seeing that the tracking penalty of using Void at such tight orbits would be far too great. I'm not sure if the Taranis is able to keep an orbit tighter than 850m-ish (Antimatter optimal w/Ion) without modules that you typhically should not have when sporting blasters, so that probably makes Null the best choice (roughly 2200m).


Johannes said...

Oh, this is the chinese guy talking, by the way.

- Xiang Zao.

Ka Jolo said...

My tactic, as mentioned in the previous post, is indeed to fire from a tight orbit. I set my default orbit to 500m, and I end up orbiting at about 1km. If I feel I am not having any effect (rarely), I have at times tried simply approaching the target, without noticing any significant results. Don't take my "toe-to-toe" too literally!

Bill said...

Another great post. I'm going to try my Crow in the next few weeks and I hope to have the same amount of success as your having at the moment. :o)