Friday, March 14, 2008

It's about time!

Finally--I got a bit of ransom. I don't recall getting any ransom for months, ever since I got 5 million from a Russian pilot in a Retriever (that was blown up so soon afterwards by another pirate gang I still showed up on the killmail). Most of my targets have preferred to die rather than show support for my noble profession; in many cases, I've had to kill fast or be killed, with no time for more civilized discourse.

My corp leaders having abruptly severed our ties with our PvP alliance (it seems we were supplying the PvP, they were supplying drama and politics), I was in my Crow, darting back up into lowsec from 0.0 where I'd recently been part of a grand coalition fleet. At every gate, my former fleet mates were hunting me. With a sigh of relief, I finally passed the first set of sentry guns on a gate; on my next jump, a Vexor showed up on scan; I noted just a single pilot in the system other than myself.

Without taking the time pinpoint his location, I warped directly to the sole asteroid belt in the vicinity; he wasn't there. I noticed there was also an ice field nearby, and quickly headed that direction; no luck. I set my course 100km off the only planet in the area so I could do a more thorough scan--and came out of warp less than 10km from my target! Within moments, I had him scrammed and was launching missiles from a fast orbit.

His shields went down fast; he started taking damage to his armor at a much slower rate, however, and I questioned my ability to break his tank. At this point, seeing a long fight ahead, I opened a ransom channel with my target and began popping his T1 drones. My quarry recalled his surviving drones to his drone bay and transferred 5M ISK to my account. In reply, I merely pointed out that the ransom demand had been for 10M within 30 seconds. To my gratification, an additional 5M soon showed in my account. I disengaged my weapons systems and warp scrammer, thanked my customer, informed him he had a 15 minute pass, and warped to a safespot.


h3ndrik said...
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h3ndrik said...

hey Ka Jolo,
i enjoy reading your blog very much. the writing style of your is truly intresting and entertains me at the same time. i just started a character dedicated to being a pirate. i hope You'll continue this blog, as is is a great inspiration for many new players & even older players to get into pirating. although they dont seem to make comments very often :(
your work is really appreciated :) keep on 'yarr'ing
(a yet noobish pirate)