Saturday, March 29, 2008

No moss here

My corp of rascally characters has moved. Again.

After our last move--our alliance then may have lasted a week--and a couple of near moves, mergers, or alliances, the directors took their time with this, talked things over with the corp members, and made a thoughtful decision in line with our corp values. I have some reservations about the move, I confess.

In my wrath at the Caldari authorities, I am filled with a spirit of anarchy. I want to highlight the corruption and ineffectiveness of the State, by increasing the lawlessness and disorder in society. Piracy seems an ideal vehicle for the effect I want to achieve. It seems my corp mates, on the other hand, generally are motivated more by bloodlust than such a noble cause as mine. They crave combat, and have allied us all with a family of corporations engaged in fighting organized at a level high enough to be surpassed only by the mighty empires of New Eden. While piracy--or is it privateering--may be tolerated (indeed, to a certain extent encouraged), I must be ready to answer the call to arms from fleet commanders, wing leaders, and squad captains. Am I turning into the very thing I oppose? I wonder.

In spite of my misgivings--which I've expressed openly to my comrades--I'm going along with my mates and will give it my best. I've fought alongside these pilots at gate and in belt, and shared drinks and laughs at many a cold bar at some rusting backwater space station. Such men deserve an open mind and a willing spirit. May the blood of innocents cry out in yet another region!

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