Monday, March 31, 2008

So frustrated!

I am so frustrated right now!

First, once I was authorized to access my new alliance official communication media, I was shocked to see a rule forbidding asking for ransoms in lowsec. I brought the issue up with a corp diplomat; he suggested this may be meant to apply only to the little corner of lowsec the alliance watches over as her own private mining claim and ratting grounds. He'll seek clarification and report back.

Second, two of my corp mates were killed today. One dropped out of warp in his interceptor at a jump gate--just as a Hyperion pulsed it's bank of smartbombs. The other grew too complacent at a "safe" spot in space--but apparently his location was probed out, as first a Rapier, then a Falcon, and finally a Myrmidon appeared on the scene, pinning him down and destroying his Deimos-class heavy assault cruiser.

Normally when such things happen, there's not much we can do. We are often few in our corp in the same area, and rarely fly ships that can take on such a gang. Our Deimos pilot was quite right in not calling his buddy over in a Drake--no sense losing more than we have to.

You can imagine how heartening it was for me, then, to see that our new allies overheard our attackers talking smack in local, and began gathering intel. The gang that ganked my corp mate was bragging at having taken down someone from our mighty alliance--an in-our-face challenge, particularly as there were over 20 in local in our alliance, and only three of them. Many questions were being asked as to the gang's makeup, and I quickly checked the alliance killboard, puzzled to find that neither loss had been posted yet--the killmails would have given details as to the members of the gang, the ships they flew, their primary weapons, etc.

I believe that if one is going to post one's kill, and receive a measure of glory for one's combat prowess, one should "man up" to one's losses as well. I expressed my embarrassment about the unposted killmails on our corp's private communication channel; the only response I got back was how few losses were posted from anyone--and speculation that it was not customary to post losses. I admit to you now that I was ashamed that these two losses (and one or two others from earlier in this week) remain unreported to our alliance as of the time of this writing.

Just as my emotions were in turmoil over this issue, I noticed that one of the enemy gang had undocked. I quickly undocked in my interceptor (all I had in the system), scanned for the enemy's ship--and located it! He was in a Myrmidon, just sitting at one of the gates. Furthermore, he was flashing red, indicating his status as an outlaw--the sentry guns would not interfere in whatever action we might take! I passed on this intelligence and ducked into the next system real quick, just to make sure there were no surprises sitting on the other side of the gate.

And then...and then the communication channels grew strangely quiet. Where minutes before, people had been sending in position reports and other intelligence, now there was nothing. A couple of miners carried on a quiet conversation about asteroid belts in the intelligence channel. I checked the intelligence channel display...over 20 alliance members knew an enemy who had just attacked one of our own, then bragged about it and beat his chest in public view, was sitting at a gate with nothing to prevent us attacking a low-tech battlecruiser. Almost 20 of my alliance mates were physically present in the system, and we could all see that at most the pilot had one gang mate present; he had been reported as docked at a station a minute or two earlier.

I switched over to my corp channel, asking who wanted to wreak vengeance. Silence. More than a dozen pilots actually in the region. . . . When somebody did speak up, it was to inquire about getting set up on a voice frequency--completely irrelevant to what was for me the issue of the moment. Heavy-hearted, I slunk into a space station, shut down my command console, and curled up in a ball on my rack.

My name is Ka Jolo. I am a pirate. I am a member of a corporation that avows but one purpose: combat! We are part of an alliance that claims a corner of lowsec space for her own and that fights alongside the most-feared fleets in all of New Eden, jumping capital ships and fleets deep into nullsec space.

But will anyone be there for me in my hour of need?


Everir Entar said...

In a way, I can relate to what you are feeling.

I've recently join my first corp as I felt that my interest in Eve was slowly but steadily going down.

I expected that my corp would bring me all the fun I wanted but it was far away from that.

Not to say it's not a good corp, it' just that I felt a bit disappointed in it.

But eh...Not everything can be perfect

-Everir Entar

Mynxee said...

Nice blog. Ya know what? If my corp or alliance mates did me like that with no good answer given as to why, I'd be looking for a new corp. It's hard enough being a pirate even with reliable might as well be solo if they aren't going to be there for you.

Ka Jolo said...

Part of me (a romantic, idealistic part) felt like leaving the corp. But another part of me (a more grown-up, pragmatic part) recognized that none of us are perfect and that many of my mates are inexperienced, and that I could have been more direct and assertive in drawing them out. Because this corp has been more helpful (to me and each other) in many ways than my previous corps, I'm sticking with them. I need to accept some responsibility for molding the corp into what we should be--which is something better than I saw yesterday.

John said...

Sorry to hear about the lack of Alliance support. But... everyone's human, and if the other benefits of the Alliance are good, as you say, you've got to just stay and try to mold it.

I get the same trouble as an industrialist in a PvP corp. Sometimes the cavalry rides in, sometimes they don't =/

I actually felt bad for a pirate gang recently, 6 or 7 probed me out while mission running in a T1 fitted Drake and had to spend several minutes chewing through 90% thermal/kinetic resist shields to get about 5m in modules and 40m in ransom... I had some great fun sitting there lobbing hundreds of missiles at them, and I hope they had fun too... but it seemed a lot of work for such a small reward...