Thursday, April 10, 2008

I eat crows for breakfast!

Wait--wrong idiom. What I should have said is, "I've been eating crow!" (For those of you who don't speak English as a first language, the title of this post is an English idiom that means it is easy for me to handle crows; "eating crow" is another idiom that serves as an admission of being wrong after taking a strong position.)

For all my pontificating here in my journal and on the public forums at, and after my recent solo victories over a Drake and then a Rupture, it is perhaps fitting (my victims might call it karma) that I've lately been in a real slump--suffering a string of painful losses. I've lost three Taranis-class interceptors in the past week--to a Rupture, a Thorax, and most recently to a Caracal.

In all three cases, I was fairly confident (though not at all certain of victory), and it was I who was the aggressor. I've killed similar cruisers before, even back in my days as an Incursus pilot. So when I spot something tempting at an asteroid belt, or flashing red on my computer overview at a jump gate, I may be forgiven for succumbing.

These last three losses were decisive; none of my supposed targets ever seemed in any real danger of destruction, according to my sensor readings, while my own defenses just evaporated. I can't say I was unlucky, either--in all three scenarios, I jumped in at optimal range, got a quick lock on my target, and even had a few seconds' advantage in dealing dps. The Thorax came back at me with simple T1 drones, the Caracal with T1 light missiles; only the Rupture had high-tech weapons to counter my own.

I may have grown overconfident. In the past, I was very careful to assess the experience of a cruiser pilot before risking my frigate. Now, made careless by success, increasingly skilled, and flying high-tech interceptors with state-of-the-art weapons systems, I need this reminder that not every other pilot out there is flying under the influence of consciousness alterers with one arm around an ambitious crew-member. There are experienced combat veterans sharing space with me, and I owe them more respect. To the friends and families of the crews that were lost due to my callous disregard for danger, I apologize.


Adam said...

I've just read your entire blog. I have to say you're an excellent writer and you bring a great depth to the story telling, and really make the game come alive. Sorry to hear of your recent sobering experiences. Consider yourself bookmarked. I'm hooked.

Johannes said...

You stole my line! ^^

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