Saturday, May 31, 2008

I take on six ships at once in my Thorax!

I'm doing some business-related travel for the next couple of months, so I don't know how often I'll be able to post updates. I am finding time, sometimes lots of time, to scour the belts--I'm just not sure in advance when those times will be.

Anyway, I stumbled across the strangest thing today 250km off a moon in lowsec; 6 spaceships without pilots. As I slow-boated my way to optimal range, I pondered what might have happened. Had there been a POS taken down, and these were the ships deemed worthless by the marauders? Did someone drop a bookmark in warp, thinking it to be a safespot, without realizing it was on the same scan grid as the nearby moon? Was it a trap (I always think of that one too late)?

A couple of industrials, a Celestis, and some shuttles. I blasted 'em all to bits, then looted the wreckage: millions of ISK in fittings, mostly expensive named or high-tech cargo expanders. Nice.

As I sat at a safespot of my own, waiting for things to cool down with the sentries, it occurred to me that I know how to fly a Celestis; I could have docked it in a nearby space station and had an even bigger moment of serendipity.

Guess that's why they don't call Ka Jolo the sharpest pirate in three systems!

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gluxkie said...

one of the funniest i read so far... your blogs are truly interesting and inspiring. keep em coming