Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Who got the short end of this stick?

I spied a Brutix, working his magic at an asteroid belt in Ouelletta. That's right, Ouelletta--the system I most warn my readers about. Take any T1 ship battlecruiser-size and down to a belt in Ouelletta, and you'll surely be attacked within minutes, perhaps even within seconds. I felt no hesitation in sending my Thorax, armed with small neutron blasters and ECM drones, into warp drive in that Brutix' direction.

As soon as I was in a comfortably tight orbit around the Brutix and my drones had him jammed while my blasters plinked away, I opened up a private ransom channel. When my target joined the channel, I informed him I was demanding 15 million ISK in ransom. 15 million seemed like a modest ransom to me; new Brutices go for over 20 million in Verge Vendor, and on top of that one must factor in weapons, modules, and the time spent in going from system to system gathering it all together in one place. My target, apparently, didn't see things the same way; his response was to simply shut off communications with me. I set my mind on killing him.

As I got the Brutix into structure, though, a Megathron showed up on the scene. His first volley made it clear to me that I wasn't going to get away from this battleship with just a little fancy footwork. Since it took just a few seconds, I finished off the Brutix; then, ignoring his capsule, I sicced my ECM drones on the Megathron. In spite of working my high-tech small armor repairer overtime, I couldn't prevent the Megathron from munching his way through my armor, lickety-split. Every few seconds, hoping I'd managed to break his lock, I tried warping out to a safespot; every few seconds my hopes were shattered. Finally my Thorax lost integrity, and I managed to speed away in my own capsule. "GF," (good fight), I sent on an open communications channel; I received a gf for myself in response, as well as respect for tackling a Brutix with a Thorax.

A few minutes later, I came out of a space station in the Ouelletta station, dodging sentry fire ineffectively in a Taranis. I took the risk to check on loot; the battleship pilot had left the system. I was filled with greedy joy in discovering that neither the wreckage of my Thorax nor that of the Brutix had been picked over. It took me several trips to shuttle what I could recover from both wreckages to a safe spot in space to wait for things to cool down between me and the authorities. But what amazed me was the discovery that the Brutix--whose pilot couldn't be bothered to pay 15 million in ransom--had gone down with three expensive rigs, worth well over 30 million, and not covered by any insurance.

Pay me the ransom, boys!


Spectre said...

Seems to be a common trend recently. Every pilot I ask for even very reasonable ransoms tells me to "f*ck off" virtually every time. Just the other day we popped a Cerebus with some faction gear... the whole ship and its mods was probably worth 100-150mil and all we asked in ransom was 50mil. The guy decided he'd rather die then give us the isk and I don't understand why.

Robert said...

I hope your experiences with not receiving favorables responses to your ISK ransoms does not leave you to not offering ISK ransoms in the future.
If I get caught with my pants down in a very expensive ship, I VERY MUCH would appreciate the option to pay a ransom and would almost certainly take you up on it.
So please, don't stop asking so if I ever get caught by you, I can save my ship :)

Anonymous said...

Another great write up, love reading pirating stories. I was under the impression no-one ratted in lowsec belts anymore- clearly wrong! :)

Nate Moodie said...

You have a great blog here. Very nice writing style, very entertaining. If I ever cross paths with u in space I'll make sure and give you a good fight.