Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mega lucky!

"There's a Megathron under the command of a five-month pilot."

"Think we can take him?"

"I dunno. I'm willing to try if you are."

"Alright guys, see if you can scan him down to a belt."

"I think he's at the station wait! He's at belt V-1!"

"On my way," I reported from the helm of my heavily-armored Thorax.

"On my way," Wraith Sho'Ktar reported from his Malediction-class interceptor.

"Point," announced Joc, also flying a plated Thorax.

Three Ministry of Destruction pilots, in two T1 cruisers and an interceptor, were engaging a Megathron-class battleship.

"Shall we go for his drones first, or focus on the ship itself?"

"He hasn't deployed any drones yet."

"Okay then, for now focus on the ship."

"He's hitting me for little damage...with light missiles!" wondered Joc. Soon, however, the battleship wasn't hitting anything. Vespa EC-600 drones don't have a great chance of jamming a battleship--individually. But ten such drones improve the odds, and today was our lucky day.

"Interceptor, get a fast lock on his pod."

"Let's ransom him. Everone stop firing when we get him into structure. I'll invite him to our private ransom channel." I started keying in the commands to make this happen, then--

"Stop firing! Stop firing! He's ejected from his ship!" Joc snapped my attention back to the overview.

"Pod locked, and I have a point on it."

"Everyone, kill the pod before he can re-board his vessel! Good."

"Who can fly a Megathron?" It appeared none of us could--but a corp member nearby was called in to pilot the helm of our prize ship.

"Wait, this isn't an Amarr battleship--it's Gallente."

Startled, I sheepishly spoke up: "Oh, I can fly it then." I found a safe spot in space, and parked my Thorax there after carefully noting the coordinates, then flew back to the asteroid belt in my escape capsule. I had no problems boarding the badly-damaged ship, and managed to get it also to my safe spot.

What a bonanza! We'd captured a ship of the line worth a good 85 million ISK, taking little damage in return. Maybe the pilot had expensive implants he was trying to save--if so, I'm afraid he was bitterly disappointed. Maybe he thought to deny us a killmail--in that case, good on you, mate! Killmail denied!


Joc said...

YESSS I am now famous!!!haha

As always, great way of writing Jolo. You captured the uncertainty we had attacking a BS, as well as the surprise of no drones and of him ejecting from his ship...what a night!!!

Anonymous said...

Heh heh, nice write up! Never understood why people eject from ships, but hey, you got a nice ship out of it :)

Spectre said...

What is it about KJ and making people eject out of their battleships? Where do you find these wonderful newbs?