Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm starting a pirate corporation

Well, I finally did it. I finally decided to leave Ministry of Destruction. I am not taking this action without regrets--I've had a lot of good times with MOD. Her veteran pilots guided me, teaching me much about educating myself, fitting ships, slipping through traps, and springing traps of my own. Under the MOD banner I fought uneven fights at asteroid belts, risked shame and courted fame at stargates, and even fought in fleets of hundreds of ships under BOB command.

My readers will know of some of my previous issues with MOD--mostly stemming from shifts in vision and purpose; eventually, however, MOD returned to lowsec (and piracy) en masse. More recently I found myself being bothered by foul language and entire vulgar conversation threads; most of the time, I simply switched to another comms channel. The comradery I shared with my corpmates was stronger than my personal discomfort at such times.

But then I woke up today and read an account on our corp forums that caused my jaw to drop. A MOD pilot had entered into a 1-on-1 duel with a pilot from a rival pirate faction--and then, when the fight soured, called for help; a second MOD pilot uncloaked and jammed the enemy, allowing the first to escape, and bringing the 1 vs. 1 to a premature end. Cries of "dishonor!" from the rival corporation were laughed off. I posted my displeasure on the forum, then opened the corp voice comms.

As it happened, the story was being re-told as I tuned in. Again, I expressed my sense of dishonor at being in a corporation that does not (no longer?) honor 1-vs.-1's. I called upon the CEO to make things right with the offended pilot. The CEO, who was part of the conversation, chose to take no action at this time to defend MOD's honor. I suggested MOD pilots be warned to always honor 1-vs.-1's in the future, on pain of expulsion; again, no action was taken at this time. In shame--or honor--I resigned my commission as a corp director. Then I contacted the rival pirate corp, expressed my shame, and informed them of my resignation. As soon as Human Resources processes my paperwork, I shall cease to fly for the Ministry of Destruction.

In the meantime, I went out for one more rollicking-fun roam with a MOD gang; we lost a battlecruiser, but killed a Dominix and a Megathron. How can I harbor bad feelings toward my erstwhile mates? How can I hold a grudge against men and women with whom I have shared the risks and rewards of a swashbuckling life? While I always fly not-blue-shoot-it (NBSI), and former corpmates are no exception, I also enter into ad hoc alliances of convenience when opportunities demand more than I can bring; perhaps it is naive of me to hope that I may yet fly with MOD pilots again in the future. Certainly the code I fly by is not one to be imposed on other pilots who take a different view.

While I have already received a couple of attractive offers from pirate corps of some repute, I have decided to start my own pirate corporation. My problems with MOD stemmed from small incongruities in vision and philosophy. I hope that by articulating a clear vision, and by enforcing a clear code of behavior, I will attract a family of cutthroats in closer agreement and more united in purpose than I've yet experienced. Still a lower-grade pilot than most I see in space, I am under no illusion that my corporation will be a dominant one, or that most others will shy away from us in fear; yet I am resolved that my corporation will be respected and regarded as one of competence and honor.

Interested? Then check out the Tuskers!


Mynxee said...

It's never easy leaving a corp full of folks you enjoy playing the game, but having your own corp is its own worthwhile venture. Best of luck in that...will be keeping an eye on you (and out for you) in-game :)

Alexander said...

I am sure you will be successful and i don't hope to run into you miner/hauler

Alexander said...
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Anonymous said...

Best of luck indeed, thankfully the fellas I choose to fly with have a great deal of honor, and would not interfere in a 1 v 1 either. much shame should be heaped upon the pilot who brought such disgrace to his corporations name. Best of luck.


zakarius said...

This isnt exactly the correct story of the so called 1v1 dishonor! We have ALWAYS honored pre arranged fights but when a falcon decloaks and intel says the hostiles have several ships the other side of the gate, then my corp member simply asked for aid to get out. No ships were killed in this act. So was that so wrong?

Ka Jolo said...

It wasn't so wrong, Zakarius. Probably 95% of pirate corps would take your view of the matter. Because of this, I personally avoid 1-vs-1's; I just don't trust people.

For me, seeing a Falcon uncloaking is a good EXPLANATION for why your corp broke the 1-vs-1 agreement. But unless that Falcon engaged--thereby breaking the 1-vs-1 on their side--then the corporation whose 2nd ship actually engaged first is the one who dishonored the 1-vs-1.

In this specific example, I understand both parties to the 1-vs-1 had corpmates nearby. The SNUFF gang MAY have been intending to intervene; the MOD pilot DID intervene.