Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not yet satisfied? Read more!

A lot of you enjoy reading Your Money or Your Life, but it is a sad yet true fact that an average of 23.99 hours each day remains after reading any new content on this site. In response to demands for "moar yarr," and in efforts to introduce even more readers to my own take on the space lanes, this blog has recently been added to the EVE-Online Blog Pack.

Now, you can more easily find and read 25 other blogs, ranging from stories to news with plenty of advice and drama thrown in for good measure. Thanks to CrazyKinux for all his work in creating and maintaining the blog pack. My thanks also go to Mynxee for brokering my inclusion in the list. I don't know about you, but for me blogs and websites related to EVE-Online are pure value-added.

One last thing: if you don't mind, could you please go afk in your battlecruiser 100km off a planet while you do your reading? I'd appreciate it.


CrazyKinux said...

Welcome to the Pack mate! Glad to have you on board.


Everir Entar said...

I'll gladly give you my ship if you can write more ! :P

Just kidding.

Keep on writing. D:

Spectre said...

Welcome to the pack KJ :)

Anonymous said...

welcome indeed, well met good err pirate sir...haha. As long as you don't pirate in Stain or paths shall not cross in battle...I'll offer the same as I offer the others in the pack I wont shoot you unless you shoot me first :)

~TC and good hunting unless you come by way of Stain...;)

Mynxee said...

How could I not, KJ? I love your blog. Welcome to the fold.

Ref what manasi said....uhh, just to be clear, I (try to) shoot at everyone first and ask questions later--the usual one being "WTF?!" as I'm spamming the warp button to get my pod out or else waking up in my clone.

David said...

I did just as you said, I went to a planet at 100km and went afk for a moment, and nothing happened.

So I went to the very next system and I met one of your blinky red corp mates!

I was excited and apprehensive at the same time. It looks like i'm in the right neighborhood to run into you one of these days.

-Asari Norral