Tuesday, January 6, 2009

100 minutes of Tusker glory

Over a period of just 100 minutes, seven Tusker pilots engaged at least ten enemy vessels during a series of skirmishes in Aeschee and Hevrice. With no losses, the Tusker pilots downed eight of the enemy and recovered loot worth over 238 million ISK on the Verge Vendor market and the contract market in Jita.

The intrepid Tusker pilots:
Ka Jolo
Ronan Jacques

The kills:

It should be noted that the pilots of one of the Ruptures and the Thorax, Muaddibsep and StupidFast, are members of the evil Dark Sun Collective, a corporation which has recently declared war on the brave Tuskers. Further, an additional Ishkur and an Ishtar were engaged during the course of this battle but fled the field in disgrace.

I did not have enough ISK in my coffers to pay out the loot splits immediately, so a friendly hauler took them to Jita try to set up contracts (8 faction items) or to place on the local market via sell orders. Sadly, he was suicide-ganked in Jita, losing the faction items.

Tuskers for teh win!


Mynxee said...

That's pretty impressive, and really too bad about the loss of the faction items. How in the world did that happen? Surely the hauler was not auto-piloting!

Heinz Kraessler said...

That's a good kill-ratio guys. How long was the duration of the battle? Well at least you now know the suicide gankers and can do something against them in the future.

Anonymous said...

How did you lose it to a suicide gank? WTZ baby FTW. NO way they can get you then..sorry for the loss impressive stats though!

And hey can you change this setup so people with open ID or name and website can comment bro?

Ka Jolo said...

The hauler was attacked after jumping through a gate, by a smartbombing BS.

f0st3r said...

Good read KJ.. Was alotta fun!!!

K5 - Leo said...

How inopportune to precisely lose the hauler while on a very important mission!
Sometimes things look too good to be true.... or do they? :P

Lee said...

Hmm, how well do you know this hauler? Have u seen the killmail? This is Eve, after all!