Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Art of PVP

Watch this space! The dearth of new material here at Your Money or Your Life! does not reflect a decline in my interest in playing or writing about EVE-Online. For quite some time now I’ve been playing with the idea of writing a PVP guide. The first installment on that guide should appear within a week. You all should thank Avan Sercedos for the timing, who spurred me to get this thing going by contracting to me an Arazu with the understanding I write something in this blog.

PVP is a big topic, so don’t expect my guide to answer all possible questions. First, this guide will reflect my own personal PVP experience—lowsec piracy—and may miss some stuff that would be obvious were I a ninja salvager or nullsec sovereignty holder. Second, I intend to focus on a philosophical discussion of principles (such as achieving combat superiority) more than situation-specific instruction (regarding such things as fitting ships or camping gates).

My hope is that in spite of these limitations a wider audience will find my guide useful. There’s no good reason a carrier pilot should not be able to apply lessons learned by battlecruiser and high-tech cruiser pilots—the bait may be different, for example, but it’ll still be bait.

Your critical remarks will be welcome; once this series has been finished here, I hope to edit it and publish the complete guide at the Tusker Academy.

Good hunting!



Flashfresh said...

Am looking forward to it.

Nursultan said...

What Flash said.